A series of prints associated with my work on cinema “cinématogravure”

It's about shining a light (sic) certain furtive images, which are not directly involved in the plot - often imperceptible to the viewer, as they are drowned in the flow of emotion. (sic) certaines images furtives, qui ne sont pas directement impliquées dans l’intrigue – souvent imperceptibles pour le spectateur, car noyées dans le flux de l’émotion.

The claws of time

A series of prints associated with Etienne-Jules Marey's work on movement from his smoke machine. smoke machine


A research on the effects of superposition of the colors starting from the discovery of the four-color process developed by Jacob Le blon, souvenir of the beautiful exhibition: anatomie de la couleur.

Preserved moments

For the simple pleasure of finding impressions (sic) that we should not forget (sic) qu’il convient de ne pas oublier


A must when you practice drawing: nudes in the studio 


un peu de tendresse …